Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions and answers regarding our fundraisers.

Coordinator's Corner

Where do I find my Reservation Key Code/RKC?

Your Reservation Key Code/RKC is located on the top of your reservation schedule and in all of the Square 1 Art reminder emails. Should you not be able to locate any of these please contact us at 888.332.3294 or click Live Chat and we will be happy to look it up for you.

How do I share my corner?

Once you are logged into your Coordinator's Corner, look for the "Share Fundraiser" button located at the bottom of your Coordinator Menu. Click the button and enter in the recipients email address.

Where do I find lesson plans and/or promotional material?

You will find them on our Pinterest Site.

Where do I find the student access codes and/or online orders?

The reports are located in your Coordinator's Corner under the menu title "Fundraiser Reports". Look for the Art Access Codes report which contains your student access codes and the Online Orders - Lollipop Report which shows you online orders.


Will the original artwork be returned to us?

Yes! Class folders of artwork are returned when either the custom order packets or products are delivered to the school.

Can we use our own paper?

You are allowed to glue your own 8.5” x 8.5” square art to the art paper we provided. It must be centered below the header line and attached securely. Paper cannot hang off the edges. We provide a separate sheet of art paper for each artwork.

May we label the art instead of writing in student names?

This is recommended. Labels must include first & last name of artist, grade, teacher, and school name. Printed text should be at least 12 point font. Affix the label over the name area of the header section.

What mediums work best?

Two-dimensional mediums. (Bold classic markers, tempera paint, or paper collage). Refer to the Art Requirements located in your Coordinator's Handbook and Coordinator's Corner.

Why do we need to keep important details away from the edge?

Many products require us to overlap edges and any important detail close to the edges may be partially or completely cropped off. Square 1 Art will process the artwork as submitted. Refer to Art Requirements and Signature Template documents.

Why should the artist sign their artwork?

Parents love seeing their child’s first name and year on the artwork. Our history shows that fundraisers are more successful when signatures appear in the proper location on the artwork. Go one step further and add the year!

Why can't we use colored pencils or crayons?

Young artists do not color heavy enough for colors to be vibrant. Colored pencil and crayon quality varies and not all provide quality blending and rendering.

Online Ordering

How do I view parent orders as they are placed online?

We have a Lollipop report that we are so excited about! It is located under "Fundraiser Reports". It allows you to see your online orders in a live manner. It is sorted by class/grade so you may reward your buyers accordingly. You may export it to PDF or Excel.

A parent lost their take home packet?

We are unable to replace the lost packet, however, families may still order online using their child’s access code. Login to your coordinators corner to access the student list of access codes located under Fundraiser Reports.

Will divorced parents or family members be able to place orders?

Yes! We can accept more than one order per child. Parents may forward their child’s access code to a friend or family member. All products will ship with an itemized packing slip.

What types of payment do you accept?

Online we accept all major credit and debit cards. (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover). On the paper order form we accept checks and money orders payable to Square 1 Art. School keeps cash pyaments and S1A will net those payments from profits.

How do I notify parents to order online as part of the fundraiser?

There are easy order instructions located on every child’s custom order packet. We also provide you with email templates and print-outs that you can forward to parents with instructions on how to order online.

May I place orders online on behalf of the parents?

Yes you may, however, our recommendation is that you send all parent paper order forms to us using the UPS label provided in your toolbox.

Paper Order Forms and Payment Options

Will you accept paper order forms as part of the fundraiser?

Yes, every participant will receive a paper order form located on the back of their custom catalog along with their free set of stickers. They may complete the enclosed paper order form and return it to the school by the deadline date.

Are all products listed on the paper order form?

Due to space limitation, all products are not listed on the paper order form. However, if parents order online all products are available on our shopping website.

Is personalization available on the paper order form?

Yes! Personalization is available for select products on the paper order form.

How do I handle late orders?

Please refer any parents that miss the deadline to order online at You will receive 15% profit for any late/retail orders placed after your scheduled deadline as long as you have a current fundraiser scheduled with us.

What payments do you accept?

Online we accept all major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover). On the paper order form we accept checks and money orders payable to Square 1 Art.

Products and Profit Earned

What happens if the names are cut off on the products?

Square 1 Art is not responsible for misplaced signatures, words or important parts of the picture. No refunds or replacements are provided for artwork that does not comply with our art requirements.

Will colors on products match the artwork exactly?

Some variations should be expected. Color variances may occur due to varying product textures.

Can mugs or other ceramic products be washed in the dishwasher?

Hand washing is recommended. Bleach enhanced detergents and very hot water may cause fading. Cookie plates can be lightly used but do not use sharp utensils or cut on the image surface.

I have questions about my order summary or profits earned?

Contact Customer Care at 888-332-3294 and we would be happy to look into your inquiry.

What if my school is tax exempt? Will parents have to pay tax on their order?

We do not require a copy of the school or organization’s Tax Exempt form. We charge tax for the states of New Jersey and Georgia.

What if there is a problem with an order?

Report any defects to customer care within 30 days of receipt. Coordinator should report the problem to Square 1 Art after the customer returns the defective or broken item for verification.